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Chen Xu and Wu Di take part in Shanghai citizen tennis Festival
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Chen Xu and Wu Di take part in Shanghai citizen tennis Festival

Chen Xu, chairman of Tianlong tennis company (left 3)

With Wu Di, the "triple champion" of the National Games (6 from left)

Shanghai citizen tennis Festival

The citizen tennis festival of 2021 Shanghai City Amateur League, a brand characteristic event created by Shanghai Sports Bureau, was launched on May 30 at CTP tennis club. Chen Xu, chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd., was honored to be invited to attend the opening ceremony together with other guests, such as the triple champion of the National Games and Chinese male tennis player Wu Di. In addition, as an amateur tennis fan, Chen Xu also participated in the tennis competition with members of Tianlong tennis club to feel the atmosphere of Shanghai tennis from a close distance.

It is understood that the Shanghai citizen tennis Festival has been held for three consecutive times. This year, with "shine on court( The citizen tennis festival with the theme of "shining court" will take "internationalization, specialization and digitization" as the core concept, spread tennis culture to the public and popularize tennis through four forms of "competition, learning, discussion and watching".

This year, Wu Di, the triple champion of the National Games and Chinese male tennis player, continued to serve as the Promotion Ambassador of Shanghai citizen tennis Festival, encouraging more citizens to pick up rackets and experience the charm of tennis. At the scene of the event, Wu Di also enthusiastically served as an off-site guide to teach the competition experience, which benefited the amateurs a lot. Wu Di said that he is engaged in tennis and has the responsibility to do project promotion and let more people participate.

It is reported that in 2021, Shanghai citizen tennis festival will unite with the municipal Tennis Association, Shanghai chengkai and other social organizations and enterprises to carry out 10 events throughout the year, so that tennis will really become a new way of life.

Teloon congratulates Shanghai Sports Bureau on the grand launch of "2021 Shanghai citizen tennis Festival"! As a national tennis brand with a history of more than 30 years, Chen Xu, chairman of teloon brand, was invited by the organizing committee to participate in and witness the opening ceremony of 2021 Shanghai citizen tennis Festival. Thank you very much for the invitation of the organizing committee, so that our team members of Tianlong tennis club can feel the atmosphere of Shanghai tennis.


Wu Shaozu, former director of the National Sports Commission and director of the State Administration of sports, wrote a inscription "Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd.".

  Zhejiang Tianlong Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is a comprehensive modern enterprise group focusing on tennis. It has many subsidiaries including Tianlong tennis, Tianlong import and export, Tianlong shoes, etc.

Zhejiang Tianlong tennis Co., Ltd., the core subsidiary, is an enterprise specializing in tennis and tennis rackets. It has established production bases in Wenzhou, Suzhou and other places. The company has international leading tennis production equipment, testing equipment and advanced production technology. The product quality has reached international standards. It has been tested by ITF as a ball for international professional competitions, He was selected as the official match ball of the 14th National Games, the official match ball of China Tennis Tour and other international and domestic matches. The company participated in drafting and formulating the national standard of tennis. Tianlong trademark was rated as a well-known trademark, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province and an export famous brand in Zhejiang Province. Main tennis, tennis rackets, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, badminton rackets and other sports products.


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