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Cai Junling, Minister of the Organization Department of Longwan District Committee, visited Teloon tennis to inspect and guide the work of Party building.
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On the morning of November 7, 2018, Cai Junling, Minister of Organizational Department of Longwan District Committee of Wenzhou City, and his delegation visited Teloon Tennis to guide Party building. Chen Xu, chairman of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd. and Wang Yuyan, Deputy Secretary of the Party branch of the company warmly received Minister Cai's delegation.

Minister Cai and his delegation visited the Party member activity room, talk room, party building studio, Tianlong Party (political) school, staff training center, Tianlong bookstore, table tennis and billiards room of Tianlong Party and Mass Service Center, and then held talks and exchanges.

At the symposium, Chen Xu reported to Minister Cai about the development of the party building work in Teloon. Chen Xu emphasized that Tianlong Party Branch was established in 1993. For more than 20 years, under the guidance of the Party organizations at higher levels, Teloon actively carried out Party building activities. With the core of enterprise culture of "Party building leading, culture casting soul, national Teloon", Teloon let Party building lead enterprise development. In order to build a party building with Teloon brand characteristics, as early as 2008, Teloon established a party building activity center with an area of 1500 square meters and the first Tennis Museum in China.

Minister Cai affirmed and praised the party building work of Teloon. She pointed out that Teloon attaches great importance to the Party building work. He has done a solid and deep job in all aspects, carried out various activities in various forms, and made achievements, highlights and features in the Party building work. Minister Cai hopes that Tianlong will continue to play the role of Party organizations in the development of enterprises, highlight the leadership of Party building and help enterprises develop.


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